2024 Lithium-Ion Evolution Classic 2 Plus

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Lithium-Ion Evolution
Classic 2 Plus
Golf Cart
2 Passenger


info specifications

-Elevating the Golfing Experience-

Classic 2 Plus is a golfer’s dream, boasting a comprehensive range of features tailored to enhance the golfing experience. With its LED headlights and tail lights, nighttime driving is both safe and effortless. A 9” touchscreen and integrated stereo system ensure entertainment is just a touch away, perfect for enjoying music or movies during your ride. Thoughtfully designed, it includes practicalities like a cup holder and a ball holder, with an added option for a golf bag kit bracket, making it a breeze to store essentials. Above all, your comfort and safety are paramount; enjoy plush seating equipped with seat belts and the added security of a ceiling handle.Classic 2 Plus, renowned for its sleek design and aesthetic appeal, is a favorite among golfers. Yet, it’s the cart’s unparalleled versatility that truly sets it apart. Beyond being an excellent companion on the greens, it serves as an ideal mode of transport for your everyday journeys.

Classic 2 plus: 103″x55″x74″

  •  48V Lithium battery
  •  48V 6.3KW AC motor
  •  400 Amp Evolution AC controller
  •  25mph max speed
  •  25A Evolution on-board charger
  •  9-inch touchscreen with Speedometer display ,back-up camera ,Stereo system ,Bluetooth connection ……
  •  Luxury 2 Tone Seats*
  •  Decorative Strip
  •  Colored Decorative Wheel Trim
  •  Dashboard with color-matching cupholder insert
  •  Luxury Steering Wheel
  •  Golf bag holder & sweater basket
  •  Rearview Mirror
  •  Horn
  •  USB Charging Ports
  • Acid Dipped, Powder Coated Steel Chassis(Hot-Galvanized chassis optional) for a longer “cart life expectancy” with a LIFETIME Warranty!
  •  25A Onboard waterproof Evolution charger, preprogrammed to Evolution lithium batteries!
  •  Clear foldable windshield
  •  Impact-resistant injection mold bodies
  •  Independent suspension with four arms
  •  Assembled at one of our 2 – locations in the USA for proper quality control.
  •  Bright lighting for the front and rear in order to maximize visibility in the dark and to alert other drivers on the road to be aware of your presence


Our 9-inch touchscreen is a game-changer. Beyond entertainment, it offers centralized control for the cart’s key features. From music and speedometer checks to Bluetooth and back-up camera access—it’s all at your fingertips

                                                                  -STEREO SYSTEM-

Cruise in style while enjoying your favorite tunes. Our inbuilt stereo system adds a personal touch to your rides, making even familiar routes feel fresh. It’s more than just a sound system; it’s an experience enhancer that gives your cart a unique identity.

                                                                      -TAIL LIGHTS-

Our LED taillights are instantaneous. Unlike traditional bulbs that require time to heat up, these taillights illuminate immediately once a current passes through them, ensuring enhanced visibility on the road.

                                                                     -STORAGE BASKET-

Maximize your cart’s utility with our hassle-free storage basket. Install in under 10 minutes without any drilling. Sturdy enough to hold 20 pounds, this basket blends seamlessly with your cart’s design, offering practicality and aesthetics in one accessory.


Evo Specs

Dimensions 144x44x12
Features sound bar, card holder

Certain features may require an additional add-on package that may not be included in the retail or sale price. Please contact the dealership for full details.